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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


all images by: Haley Dawn Photography

Today's post is my first post featuring the Style of the Month design challenge. A couple weeks ago I posted a design challenge for anyone who would like to see a certain type of apparel or accessory styled by me. Although many of the entries entered were great challenges, the one I chose for this month is how to style colored jeans. To be honest, I probably own every color of jeans you could imagine, so I knew this was the perfect challenge to tackle. Also, thank you to everyone who submitted. {See this post for details on how to enter}. First off, how perfect are these Steve Madden ankle booties? I mean.. Can't get any better. I know you have heard me blab on and on about how much I love ankle booties, but -- they are the perfect item for days when it's too warm to wear boots. Today's look is a more edgier look paired with some sequin and leopard. As you can see I chose to go with my burgundy jeans because I felt it suites the cold weather right now. Wearing colored jeans might be completely out of the norm for some because they feel it is 'too much'. However, pairing colored jeans with solid color accessories can help tone down the look and feel softer, versus pairing them with bold patterns. A way to fix the uncertainity of not knowing what to pair with the jeans is to try on as many tops/accessories until you find the perfect match. Easy Peezy! 
You never know what might look better on, so try it all out!


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