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Saturday, January 4, 2014


Since the weather has not been in my favor to do outfit shoots, I figured in the meantime I would share with you what is inside my makeup bag. Recently many of you have been asking what kind of makeup I wear on a daily basis and I could't help but share. I hope this helps. 

If you're looking for an everyday color for your lips, this "Hot Coral" by Revlon is the way to go!

The name "They're Real" says it all. It gives a natural look with no clumps or stickiness. 

"Fire Fest" by Revlon is my go-to lipgloss for a night on the town. This gloss gives a great finish and is long lasting. I highly recommend this one!

Finding a makeup with good coverage is difficult for me, but after using this "Medium 2" by Nars, I cannot complain. One of my favorite foundations.

OKAY, if you haven't tried Urban Decay "Naked" you are missing out. While using other eyeshadows, I always found myself reapplying periodically throughout the day, but I haven't since I started using Naked.

Although Naked's eyeshadows are already long lasting, I still prefer to apply this "Shadow Potion" {also by Urban Decay} before adding the eyeshadow to help keep it stay on even longer.

For some reason I have always been attracted to darker nail polish and this color seemed to stand out to me. It's not too dark nor too light which makes it the perfect color and I adore it.

After applying the Nars foundation I always like to apply this Pro Finish "Makeup Forever" on after to give my face a smooth and finished look.

I don't always use this "Np Set" Pre-foundation Primer, but when I do, I have found this one works the best for me compared to others I have tried.

Whenever I want to feel glamours I go straight to anything that sparkles. This Essie nail polish makes the perfect finish to any outfit.

Under the eye dark circles..women's most hated flaw. This "Stroke of Light" by Bare Minerals is a must have. It completely covers any dark circles or bags under your eyes for those mornings when you need a quick fix. 

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