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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I caught a really bad cold / flu this past week and have not felt up to do anything. In the meantime I thought I'd share some things you might not know about me. Enjoy!


1. I have a huge obsession with cheese & crave it 24/7

2. I could wear high wasted shorts every day and be content

3. I cannot stand Taylor Swift. I prefer upbeat, happy music

4. You will never catch me without a purse

5. I probably own more than 40 IPhone cases ( I know, crazy..)

6. I am what you call an extreme 'germaphobe'

7. New York City has my heart and my life goal is to live there at some point 

8. I love meeting new people and making their day 

9. If you have ever seen the movie House Bunny, I can talk like Shelley with the deep voice

10. Since I put that out there, I must say I can make pretty disturbing 'ugly' faces (don't judge, I know I can't be the only one)

11. My dogs are my world and I enjoy spoiling their cute little selves  

12. I love going to concerts.. especially in the summer time 

13. I can be an aggressive driver sometimes (my boyfriend hates this, oops!)

14. I am a hoarder when it comes to clothes, I never want to give something up

15. My memory is so good it's weird- which is good for school

16. My top pet peeve is loud breathing and snoring, I go insane

17. You will never see me without nail polish on or with chipped nails

18. I'm blessed with the best family, boyfriend, and friends I could ask for
PS. I am especially blessed to have an amazing photographer as my sister to take my pictures!

19. I have a soft heart for animal shelters 

20. I used to hate running but now I actually enjoy it 

21. Every night before I go to sleep I count how many hours I have until I have to wake up

22. I'm beginning to think I am OCD as the days go on

23. I laugh at everything

24. I love God and am truly blessed because of Him

25. Favorite Quote : "Be yourself. Everyone else is taken" - Oscar Wilde


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