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Saturday, November 15, 2014

R. Riverter

Today I am sharing about one of the most inspiriting companies, R. Riverter Handbags. It all started when military spouses were seeking employment, eventually leading to a company entirely run by military spouses who hand-make these stylish and unique handbags. The bags are made solely from old military materials like duffle bags, wool blankets, up-holested leather, and shelter halves which creates a unique look while also incorporating a little bit of history. These women have such a creative mind and have designed some of the best bags. Here I am wearing the Brown Leather + Charcoal Canvas.  Some of my other favorites are the Black Leather + Green Canvas and the Black Leather + Charcoal Canvas. I love that the bag I have can literally look good with just about any outfit and the fact I am wearing a bag with a whole lot of purpose behind it makes me love it even more. To see more of their collections and background, take a look at their site as well as their social medias: 

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