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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

On The Go

I always show dressed up looks so I decided to share my workout look. But.. let's be honest here, this is what I normally wear on a day-to-day basis even if I am not working out. Over the years, sportswear has become universally popular. The goal is to look like you work out even when you might not. I love going on evening runs outdoors while wearing leggings, a warm windbreaker, and tennis shoes because this seems to be the comfiest for me. I've been trying out different shoes because I have really bad shins and ankles. I have always swayed more towards the Nike brand just because of their quality and brand recongition, but I am needing shoes that really help with support and not just for training. So, if any of you have any suggestions of ones you like, please let me know! 

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