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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Breaking in the Boyfriend Jeans

All photos by: Haley Dawn Photography 

I'm breaking out of my shell today and sharing a style I've never done before. I was so skeptical of boyfriend jeans when they first became a trend. I had the mindset they just wouldn't look good on me. I've honestly tried so many pairs and they all make me look either wide or like I don't know how to buy the right jeans for my size...which is no bueno. After I saw many pairs of BF jeans being styled in super cute ways, I decided I would give it a try and start looking around again for a good pair. My first stop was Target because you really can never go wrong with Target! I lucked up on this pair I am wearing here and was very pleased with the fit (they are on sale right now!). The only negative is how they are unflattering for my butt, but that's what you get when you wear this type of jean. Other than that, I love the loose feel and I'm not as constrained as I would be with regular skinnies. If you want a casual, dressed down look, then boyfriend jeans are the way to go! Also, I was so happy to have found these ankle-wrap sandals for under $30.. such a steal!

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