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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cozy Scarves: Budget Friendly

So I just want to say that there is onlyyyy 5 more Fridays until Christmas! I feel like this whole year has gone by faster than ever before...time needs to slow itself down already! 

I am currently listening to Christmas songs AND burning a wood wick candle.. being all sorts of winter-ish and getting into the Holiday spirit a tad bit soon. I am fully aware we are still in mid November, can never start too early! 
Currently playing: White Christmas-Bing Crosby (one of my favs)

Every year I cannot keep myself from buying scarves. I own more than I probably should, but it's a piece that completes and accessorizes an otherwise simple outfit. I will seriously wear black jeans with a black sweater, cozy scarf, and a pair of booties and get so many compliments. Scarves are essentially easy additional pieces that you can feel super comfortable while also looking cute! 

I know some people aren't a huge fan of the chunky scarves, which is why I added a mix of both chunky and thin for your preference. I personally love both and often times I wear chunky more because they are oh-so-cozy, and I'm all about that!

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